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Specializes in producing three-sided luggage, zipper luggage and other luggage.

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Our company adheres to the principle of honesty, quality first, and efficiency.

Wenzhou Fuwo Luggage Co., Ltd.

Wenzhou Fuwo Luggage Co., Ltd. specializes in producing three-sided luggage,Double-sided luggage,zipper luggage and other luggage.Wenzhou Fuwo Luggage Co., Ltd. have several advanced professional production lines a number of advanced prof···

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The company's responsible person has more than 20 years of manufacturing and sales experience in Europe


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  • Suitcase material colletion

    Suitcase material colletion

    The outside material of luggage can be roughly divided into two types: hard shell and soft shell. Th···

  • Luggage selection points

    Luggage selection points

    The size of the trunk is generally 16 ~ 32 inches.The specification of the boarding case is less tha···