Luggage selection points

The size of the trunk is generally 16 ~ 32 inches.

The specification of the boarding case is less than 20 inches, which is suitable for 2 ~ 4 days travel. Most of the boarding cases can be taken on the plane as carry on luggage, which can reduce the waiting time of checked baggage, so it is very convenient to use during business travel; In short-term travel or many ordinary times, you can also use the boarding box; The boarding case is a universal suitcase that can be used in many occasions!

The medium-sized suitcase is about 22 ~ 26 inches, which is suitable for 5 ~ 7 days travel. The medium-sized suitcase is the common size in the airplane. Medium-sized suitcases can be used for short-distance travel or medium and long-distance travel; The medium-sized suitcases have enough space to carry heavy warm clothes when you travel in winter or go to colder places.

The large suitcase is about 28 ~ 32 inches, which is suitable for more than 7 days travel. It is suitable for long-distance travel or checking two people's luggage together, especially for people who need to bring a lot of clothes. However, the volume and weight are relatively large and heavy; Therefore, the petite women or the elderly may work harder when pulling the suitcase. In addition, it is also necessary to avoid overloading the luggage compartment due to excessive luggage.